When I never rehearse a new pain and end the word, when you want to fall in love, you don’t understand that you don’t like the ruthless shadows, the dawn clouds of tiles, and the wonderful sound.

The complex is exciting.

And Chaos.

The eaves swing from the eaves and almost break the tabby cat.

One afternoon and the voice of the prayer call.

Not only that, the rest will come.

Keeping life short.


On an autumn night, it is mostly heated with love.

The rebellious poems in my hands and the ages of the heavens which I could not bear afterwards were especially loved in the book.

I miss myself the most.

Blue cloud

Rebel axis.

A loving landscape scene is a pure tear.

Shadows of Resurrection

They love the victim of humility

Division in the sky.

A headless wagon that summarizes poems with surprised joints from the victim’s window and has just begun to attack; nobody thinks I’m a stutterer; I accepted the principal’s identity.

Crying temperament, the alphabet of a poem that brings dust to the smoke and the exclusion of my name

Like a lying magician, he embarrassed himself on the roof of the contract and likes to swallow thousands and still swallow for seven hundred years.

What is the complaint of a simple word?

I came now

Hazan plants aren’t necessarily sad players?

The piano doesn’t say that.

The caliber of the day has a gigantic provision, and when I start laughing here, my smile is about my words and the stupid clouds I love.

How many stars of the sky are starving.

Dripstone is a bench in space and I’ll leave love nida here.


I don’t trust when I eat tomorrow. I will finish all the meals in front of me. Can you tell me what success is? ”
“So let me tell you, come on, let’s eat now. Next job. ”
“OK.” Tosi said he started eating delicious plants and delicious plants. ”
After a while, Tnimini said, “I am full. I will go to dinner tomorrow.” and stepped aside.
M Should I do this too? “He asked.
“If you are full, do it. Prepare your meal tomorrow.”
“I’m saturated, but I want to eat it all. I can’t help myself.”
“Now take the rest and put it with you. You need to get used to it. You should learn not to eat too much and to be dehydrated. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fit in your house. Excess food or hunger. ”
Tosi “You’re right.” and get some food. Now tell me I want to know what fruit means. ”
“Attitude is not to be stingy, but to make the most of the time and time you have.”
“Yes, we need to use time well.”
“Remember, he doesn’t need a frugal person.”
“Not like me?”
“You are my favorite friend. You can come and share my food with me every day. What if you’re not me? ”
Tim You’re right, Timini, you’re right. I have to learn to be positive. ”
“You will protect the extravagance. You will never be left without food.”
Thanks, Tini, from now on, I will use my food and time consciously. In other words, I’il make you thirsty. “