old valleys

Each province or district has a famous or historical or touristic structure, food or plants. Denizli and Pamukkale Travertines, apples with Amasya, apricots with Malatya, cheddar cheese with Kars, figs with Aydın, leaf liver with Edirne, breakfast with Van, tea with Rize, grape with İzmir, künefe with Hatay.
Among the old valleys in Sivas, the old valley has been the habitat since then. The first Seljuk period lived its golden years. Also, the foundation of the Republic is quite a nice place. Today is very rich with historic planets. There are various values ​​that Sivas symbolizes. Kangal Dog, healing fish, Sivas Meatball, Congress Building and various valuable Seljuk art come from each other.
There is also a symbol known to Sivas men. It is also the famous Circassian coffee. Pasha Mosque in Sivas. The most beautiful tea brewed, the most beautiful coffee was made there. Have the best conversations to brew like tea. It’s a privilege to hang out in Circassian coffee. Sivas is the meeting place for older brothers and young people. Sivas can not enter there. From every level of speech and his speech.
I’m not the only one who says that. See what he says on the Internet about Circassian Coffee. Where the hell am I saying? Falling into the ocean.
– Circassian coffee lives in Sivas. Forty years of Turkish coffee is guaranteed here. It is now ruled by the son of the first owner. Unemployed and coffee in fine Chinese glasses with coffee foam. Not enough.
– Maybe it was the best coffee place in Turkey. Almost half of the coffee is made of foam.
– He’d come to Sivas. We were younger, then we knew the children Welcome, we were greeted with Circassian coffee, we took torpedo.
It was an interesting place in the Circassian Coffee House; wouldn’t have coffee chat. it made her the father of much of the conversation. History teacher history

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