After the feet

Tosi pulled his head out of his house on his back. Then his feet. He got up early and slowly moved deep into the forest. When it opened, we had to find something to eat. He couldn’t find him, went into the castle nest and started thinking with black. I was almost hungry, even playing in my stomach. But what a beautiful green foliage yesterday. Now dry the boards in one place.
He had an idea. I can’t wait desperately to wait for them. Let me give it to my sincere friend Confidante Timini, they have something for everything. And he went out and threw the tree. The right cute rabbit went to Tinimini’s nest.
“Good morning, Timini, how are you? Are you okay?”
Tini pulled his head out of the socket. “Good morning, I have breakfast. Do you want to do it wrong?”
‚ÄúThat’s why I’m here. I guess he doesn’t miss his food. I ate with lettuce yesterday. I wish I had a dinner today.
“Don’t worry, my brother Tosi. It’s not hard to be positive. You can do that.”
“Can I really do that?
“Of course”

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